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Published on March 2nd, 2010 | by andrea devon


superfood brownie bites

These brownies were born out of the need to clear out ingredients lingering in the pantry. The base is awesome Navitas Naturals raw cacao and ‘twister power’ made with maca, hemp and cacao. It’s not great to use expensive raw ingredients in baked goods, but until now I haven’t put them to good use! I also had a lot of goji berries in the pantry, along with an abundance of coconut oil.

superfood glow!

These recipe is full of superfoods- ingredients that are extra-super-good-for-you (minerals and vitamins, anti-oxidents, blahblah; and with the addition of flaxseeds, bananas, almonds and antioxidant-rich unsweetened chocolate, they make for a healthy little superfood snack- it is still a brownie, but with all this goodness you just might want to eat them for breakfast.

superfood brownie bites

5 teaspoons ground flaxseeds
¼ cup water
¼ cup mashed banana
½ cup coconut oil
¼ cup soymilk or other ‘milk’
1 teaspoon vanilla bean or vanilla extract
½ cup all purpose flour (unbleached, of course)
½ cup whole wheat pastry flour
½ cup raw cacao
½ cup sucanat or coconut sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon seasalt
½ cup ground toasted almonds or walnuts
¼ – ½ cup soaked goji berries
½ cup cacao nibs
¼ cup grated unsweetened chocolate

  1. Preheat your oven to 350º. Lay out 20 mini muffin cups onto a baking sheet or grease a mini-muffin pan.
  2. Mix up the ground flaxseeds with the water and set aside.
  3. In your food processor or with a fork mash up the banana. Stir in liquid coconut oil, soymilk, and vanilla, and then add these to the flax mixture.
  4. In a separate bowl mix flours, cacao, sucanat, baking powder, salt, and ground nuts. Stir lightly to combine then add to the wet ingredients. Once the wet/dry is incorporated, toss in the berries and grated chocolate and mix gently to combine.
  5. Measure out one heaping tablespoon into muffin cups. Bake for 18-20 minutes, then let cool slightly before removing from pan (if using). Enjoy warm out of the oven or serve later. These also freeze well, just let them thaw before eating.

(makes about 20 mini brownies)

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  1. What a great superfood recipe! We’d love to feature this over on our website at Please send me a message on facebook and let me know if we’d be able to share your recipe (with credit, of course) with our audience.

  2. Free says:

    What is ap flour? I’d like to make these – found them on the Navitas FB page. Nice job! Mahalo, I’m on the BI too. :)

    • andreadevon says:

      sorry for the confusion!
      ap flour is all-purpose flour, wwpf is whole wheat pastry flour. there are many versions of ap flour; i prefer unbleached, unenriched flour. it is not as healthy as whole wheat or other flours but it offers a good texture for baked goods such as these. i am also going to try with mixing coconut, spelt, and other flours to make them wheat free.

      let me know how your goodies turn out! i always love feedback! cheers, a

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