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Published on September 4th, 2012 | by andrea devon


a big surprise: america buys the most soda

Sure, there are millions of people who drink soda, many of whom drink it everyday. But Americans love it more than other countries (though places like China and India are catching on quickly). Do you know how much we love it? According to this article from Grist, Americans bought 170 liters of soda per person last year. Eeew.

This is perhaps a sensitive issue for some, surely. No one wants to be told what to drink or feel punished for making their own choices about drinking soda. But seriously, this is one of the most important things to cut out of our collective diet. And there are so many reasons to do so: Not only do the sugar/corn syrup calories add up to excessive weight gain, soda does nothing to hydrate our bodies or keep us full. In fact, our bodies don’t recognize calories from liquids the same way as foods- this means that your soda is not keeping your belly partially full and discouraging your from eating more; instead, you consume the soda calories, and then eat a full meal. This means that most of us simply get too many calories each day. Moreover, the phosphoric acid in soda is bad for our bones, and caramel coloring is perhaps carcinogenic too. And for those of you that drink ‘diet’ soda, here is an article filled with great reasons to give it up- long term health effects of artificial sweeteners are not clear, fake sweetness is not good for our brain, and sodas damage our natural sense of taste- how can an apple taste sweet compared to overly-sweet soda? This article also mentions that you could save almost $500/year by giving up the fizzy! Lots to think about!

This is the original article on Grist that got me thinking: Easiest trivia question ever: What country buys the most soda? | Grist. But check out Fooducate and Center for Science in the Public Interest for more soda news.

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7 Responses to a big surprise: america buys the most soda

  1. Clair says:

    Hear hear!

    And very well written.

  2. Deirdre says:

    So informative! And glad I don’t drink the stuff, have it in my home or otherwise associate with it!

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