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Published on September 18th, 2012 | by Andrea Bertoli


the dangers of fast food

How dangerous can fast food be, you might wonder? Unfortunately, for the untold number of people that become sick each year due to contamination, fast food can be very dangerous indeed. Case in point- yesterday Huffington Post shared an article about a raw chicken sandwich being served at an Ontario location. Not only is the idea of a fried, raw chicken breast entirely disgusting (click the link above if you would like to see a horrifying photo), this is extremely dangerous. Chicken, like most other factory farmed animal foods, is notoriously prone to food-borne contaminants. Chicken is often contaminated with salmonella, and beef is often tainted with e.coli and other pathogens.

But surely the contamination from the pathogens will cook out, right? Sometimes yes, but other times, no. Recently KFC was ordered to pay $8million to the family of a girl who became brain dead and now lives in a wheelchair due to salmonella contaminated chicken. I wrote previously of another young woman who became paralyzed and suffers from severe kidney problems because of one pre-made hamburger. Even if meat is cooked and pathogens are destroyed, there is still a larger issue of unsanitary factory farms breeding bacteria that spreads into the larger ecosystem and threatening other foods, like those that are usually eaten raw. EatDrinkBetter has a slew of posts about the food contamination that finds its way into non-animal foods like spinach, cantaloupe, watermelon, and even celery. And of course there was that massive egg recall a few years ago- yet another example of the prevalance of food born contaminants sickening customers- or at least very close to doing so.

Check out the original article here on Huffington Post, under their funny/not funny title of Mealbreakers.




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