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Published on March 7th, 2013 | by Andrea Bertoli


Sweet & Sour Tempeh

For those of you still looking for easy, awesome tempeh recipes, this might be the solution to all your searching! This recipe is simple, uses pantry staples, and comes together with a minimum of time and effort.

The main ingredients are orange juice, flavored with some apple cider vinegar and soy sauce which thickens naturally, unlike most sweet & sour sauces that have wacky starches or gums as thickeners. For even more flavor, add garlic, spices, sesame seeds, or anything else to make it your own.

As you can see in the photo this tempeh was cooked with some greens, which helps lighten up the strong saucy  flavor. Serve this Sweet & Sour Tempeh with noodles, grains, or mashed into wraps for an awesome protein rich meal!

sweet and sour tempeh with greens

sweet and sour tempeh with greens

Sweet & Sour Tempeh

2-3 Tablespoons peanut oil
1 (8-ounce) package tempeh, cubed
1 cup orange juice
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
¼ cup soy sauce
¼ cup coconut sugar or brown sugar
2-4 cloves garlic, minced
1 Tablespoon potato starch, cornstarch or arrowroot
4 cups thinly sliced greens (cabbage, kale, etc.) (see note below)

  1. In a large skillet heat peanut oil over medium heat. Add in tempeh and cook, stirring often, until tempeh is just browned on all sides – about 10-15 minutes.
  2. In a small bowl whisk together orange juice, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, coconut sugar, and garlic until sugar dissolves.
  3. Lower heat and add orange juice mixture to skillet. Stir to coat, and cook about 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Remove about 1/2 cup of liquid from the pan and add back to bowl. Stir in starch, whisk to combine, then add mixture back to saucepan. Stir tempeh briskly, as it will thicken quickly.
  5. Add greens and cook just until wilted. Remove from heat and serve!

Note: If you’re not going to eat it all at one sitting, I recommend cooking the greens separately. In the presence of acid (vinegar + orange juice), leafy greens like kale and spinach will turn an unsavory brownish color and make for less appetizing leftovers.

Yield: 2-4 Servings


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