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Published on March 20th, 2014 | by Andrea Bertoli


How to Quit Caffeine with Healthy Coffee Alternatives!

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So a few weeks ago I kicked caffeine to the curb. Well… not quite so forcefully. I gently ushered it out of my life over the span of a few weeks. But I’m done with with addiction of tea and coffee, and truth be told, I feel better than ever.

After the initial brain-drain that quitting caffeine fosters, the boost in energy is really amazing. I find myself going to bed a bit earlier and feeling truly tired by about 10pm. But, for the first time in my entire life (true!) I’ve been waking up before my alarm, and feeling lively and peppy all through the day. Rarely do I suffer the mid-morning or late afternoon slumps that make you crave more coffee, tea, chocolate or sugar. Generally my energy stays high and steady good all day long.

And while my previous post about quitting caffeine shared the why of quitting caffeine, I didn’t really give any alternatives for beverages to enjoy in lieu of tea or coffee. Finally I got around to sharing some of my favorite healthy coffee alternatives in an article on Green UPGRADER, and I thought I’d recap it here for you!

herbal hot chocolate


  1. Herbal Coffee: There are lots of brands of herbal coffee on the market, but my favorite has long been Teeccino. Herbal coffees are great additions to your healthy pantry, because they are delicious and they have heaps of health benefits. Brew in a pot or just by the cupful! I’m also super excited about Dandy Blend, an instant mix of dandelion root, chicory and more that mixes just like instant coffee and make the most wonderful iced ‘coffee’ ever.
  2. Hot Chocolate: Seems like a kid’s drink, but who doesn’t love it? I’ve been sipping on hot chocolate mixed with my homemade almond milk, maca, cinnamon and honey for a healthy, sweet afternoon treat or even as an after dinner snack.
  3. Maca: My favorite superfood supplement: caramel-like flavor with mega health benefits, including energy boosting!
  4. Herbal Chai and Decaf Black Tea: For those just-have-to-have-real-tea mornings, I’ve been brewing Numi’s Decaf Black Vanilla tea, which is just wonderful in every way. Delicious, healthful, full-bodied, and water-processed decaf. Herbal chai is also wonderful, for a spicy warming tea. I was gifted some Townshend’s Dark Forest Chai for Christmas, and fell in love with it! I just ordered a half pound to keep around the house! You can also make my homemade yogi tea).

What’s your favorite coffee-free drink?

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