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About Us

We’re committed to healthy recipes, holistic healing and a lifestyle of wellness.

We believe that food is true medicine for our bodies, and that we can use healthy diets and active lifestyles to prevent and heal illness, and here at Vibrant Wellness Journal we aim to show you how to cultivate the healthiest life possible.

Here on Vibrant Wellness Journal you will find healthy recipes for vegetarian, vegan, paleo and omnivorous eating that reflect years in the kitchen. Our writers are passionate about nutrition and active lifestyles; we also review select products and companies that are doing good. We also feature book and film reviews and updates on events from around the world.

Meet our Team

    Andrea Bertoli

Andrea Bertoli

Andrea Devon Bertoli is the editor and writer for Vibrant Wellness Journal. Andrea is a chef and educator for the largest natural foods store in Hawaii and owner of Vibrant Wellness Education, offering nutritional counseling and private cooking lessons in Honolulu. She’s been blogging for over four years, sharing healthy recipes and her passion for wellness with readers from around the world. Andrea has an MA in Political Science and Women’s Studies from the University of Hawaii. During her graduate school years she became more active in the local food and farm community, and began growing food, cooking and baking for friends and family. Not only is sharing food crucial to maintaining health and deep social connections, choosing healthy food is a type of activism; voting with our dollars to choose organic, wholesome products makes the world a healthier, happier place. Andrea lives in Honolulu and lives a healthy and active lifestyle which includes surfing, yoga, backpacking, and hiking. Read Andrea’s writing on Vibrant Wellness Journal here, and follow Andrea/Vibrant Wellness on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

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Matthew Lovitt

Matthew Lovitt is a student of holistic nutrition and a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner – Candidate. He is extremely passionate aboutlearning how to better balance the biochemical (physical), emotional (mental), and environmental (spiritual) factors that influence health while educating others on how certain foods and behaviors may advance or impede absolute wellness. When he’s not furiously studying, Matt can usually be found experimenting in the kitchen with foods that heal; cycling, running or swimming his way towards his latest triathlon milestone; or writing for his blog at Read all of Matthew’s work for Vibrant Wellness Journal here, and find more: follow Matt on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or on YouTube.



Leslie Schipper

Leslie Schipper is a free-spirited, wanderlusting yogini living a life of love and blessings. She feels extreme gratitude to call Hawaii home, surrounded by strong spirit and beauty. Her time is split between roaming the island’s breathtaking mountain ranges, nurturing her healthy obsession with the sea and planning her next adventure. She completed her 200 hour teacher training from Open Space Yoga in Honolulu and is excited to share her passion and knowledge of the sacred tradition.  Her ambition is to inspire, give thanks perpetually and continue globe trotting- sharing and spreading aloha and yoga wherever her feet find her. Read Leslie’s writing here on Vibrant Wellness Journal and on her personal site, Forever Stoked.


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Jin Hirata

Jin Hirata is originally from Japan but now calls New York City home. Jin offers people a chance to eat and live healthier through health counseling, cooking lessons, personal chef service, Shiatsu and Reiki. My practice is based on Macrobiotics, a principle of yin-yang balance, with which, I really believe, you can turn your health and life around! Read Jin’s writing on Vibrant Wellness Journal here, and learn more about him on his website, Whole Life with Jin.

If you’d like to do some guest writing or have your company’s natural products reviewed on Vibrant Wellness Journal, please contact us!


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