Author: Andrea Bertoli

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Which Houseplants Improve Indoor Air Quality the Best?

Did you know that indoor air quality is often more polluted than outdoor air quality? Furniture, paint, cleaners, and other building materials actually leak chemicals and volatile organic compounds into our indoor air and can create health issues. But houseplants can be used to clean indoor air, whether you’re stuck inside an office all day or can’t […]

March 24th

Check out this Upcoming Vegan Cooking Workshop in Atlanta!

My friend Becky Striepe is a cookbook author, amazing blogger, creative crafter, and great chef who is going to be cooking up some easy vegan comfort food at a vegan cooking workshop in Atlanta. Becky promises that this hands-on vegan cooking workshop is perfect for jumpstarting your vegan kitchen. You’ll be making a hearty, mashed potato bowl […]

March 7th