Author: Jin Hirata

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Yin Yang Energy in Food: Finding your Balance

I love my green tea and I can drink this beautiful & aromatic drink all day long. But it’s not the same variety one would find at typical coffee shop in teabags. I choose to brew green tea leaves from Japan, with the right amount of leaves and the right temperature of hot water, and […]

May 26th

Build your Intestinal Flora with Probiotic Foods

Did you know that your intestines are considered to be the second brain? Recent studies have shown that the more than 80% of serotonin, a hormone responsible for mental well-being, are found in our intestinal tracts. It’s long been known in the East that headaches are often times triggered by an imbalance in the digestive system, […]

April 3rd

Food is Medicine: Helpful Tips for the Holiday Season

Yesterday I shared some of the most important foods for natural healing: umeboshi paste, miso, kuzu, good salt and kukicha tea. These pantry staples are good to have all year long, but especially during the holidays when we might be tempted to indulge in more decadent foods than we might regularly do. Heavy food like […]

December 24th

Natural Healing: Healthy Holiday Must Haves

Happy Holidays~ tis the season for gathering. In fact, “gathering”  or “Yang” energy is most prevalent this time of the season, according to Eastern philosophy, as you can see in the nature and even in the human world. It’s also a time when we have lots of fun, eat lots of delicious foods, and drink […]

December 23rd