Author: Matthew Lovitt

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How Aspartame Affects your Health

There are many lifestyle changes that we make which are supposed to help us lose weight and get healthy. We cut out snacks or skip meals altogether in order to save a few calories here and there, or spend countless hours in the gym trying to burn off that extra layer of love that lines […]

October 7th

The Benefits of Sprouting

I know I’m not alone in my passion for food and, despite my best efforts at being lazy, I think it’s about time I recognize and experience the nutritional and emotional benefits of sprouting. Sprouting According to the Whole Grains Council, grains like rice, wheat, corn, oats and barley are actually the dormant seeds of […]

September 2nd

Enjoy Edible Insects to Reduce Your Food Footprint!

Eating bugs is all the rage these days. And, after a little bit of research and experimentation, I am completely on board! Are you grossed out? You should get used to it: according to apocalypse expert Jo at our sister site, Insteading, we’ll all be eating bugs in the future. And if you are already […]

August 26th

A Fun Approach to Health and Wellness… with a Funny Video!

The mainstream media is awash with dietary recommendations and promises for lasting health and wellness. Unfortunately, although well-intentioned and seemingly based upon sound dietary reasoning, the majority of such advice is, borrowing terms from our nation’s beloved dairy industry, pasteurized and homogenized to such a degree that it is hard to delineate the pertinent points […]

August 12th

Eat Breakfast to Avoid Heart Disease

There are many known benefits to regularly eating a healthy breakfast, including: Improved cognitive function to facilitate learning and retention. Positive nutrient timing to help prevent episodes of binge eating. Increasingly active metabolism and stable blood sugar to promote fat burn and weight loss. Not to mention the improvements in mood and emotional stability that […]

August 8th

3 Foods to Avoid at all Costs!

Eating clean and healthful foods can be a daunting task in today’s complex and highly manipulative food environment. The patience required to read and decipher ingredient lists that often include substances that require a Ph.D to pronounce can be discouraging to even the most knowledgeable of consumers. However, building upon the food label sleuthing skills […]

May 25th

Becoming American: Freedom, Food and Lifestyle Disease

America: the land of freedom and endless opportunity, right? Well, yes, in addition to being the country whose citizens are increasingly susceptible to poor health and lifestyle disease. According to a recent article published in the New York Times, adopting uniquely “American behaviors” is contributing to the rapid decline in health and quality of life […]

May 23rd

striving for dietary perfection

As a student of holistic nutrition and an enthusiast of endurance sports, I am very passionate about my diet and always strive to incorporate only the highest quality foods that will best support my interests. I have rigorously recorded and analyzed every morsel consumed to determine my nutrient status. I subscribe to several scientific journals […]

March 29th