Meditation & Mindfulness

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The Spirit of Giving: Celebrate Yourself

My beautiful yoga friend and teacher Monica Ross has been opening her classes lately with a discussion about giving. Surely, the holiday season is about love and sharing gifts with friends and loved ones, but what about making sure we take time to give back to ourselves? As Monica says, the holidays demand much more […]

December 24th

Project Gratitude

Happy November. Welcome to our new little project called Project Gratitude. November is good for many things– cooling weather, pumpkins and one of America’s favorite holidays. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays too, and not just because of the awesome Thanksgiving food! In contrast with December’s famous holiday which celebrates the national predisposition towards […]

November 1st

Mudras: Yoga of the Hands

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class or practiced meditation, you’ve probably been asked to practice a Mudra. In Sanskrit, Mudra means “seal” and is a sacred hand gesture (or body position) practiced to help cultivate a specific state of mind. There are thousands of Mudras, all representing a certain quality like compassion, vitality, […]

October 23rd

Malas and Mantras – Om Ganesha

“Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha” This mantra is a salutation to the remover of obstacles Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is one of the most popular and well known deities honored throughout India and Hindu cultures. Easily recognizable, Ganesha has a large elephant head and pot-bellied human body. Ganesha is also the God of success and revered for […]

October 8th

5 Tips for Meditation: Going Beyond Asana

 Ready, set, meditate! Thousands of years ago yogi’s practiced asana to still the mind and prepare the body for meditation.  Today, millions have turned to yoga for physical, spiritual and emotional healing and health. With the physical practice in the spotlight, meditation seems to have become an activity we can engage in IF we have […]

July 11th