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20 Ways to Share Your Love

Having just returned from Wanderlust Festival, my body and mind are filled with love! This happy video reminds us of 20 ways to share your love everyday with partners, spouses, lovers and friends! Wanderlust is truly my happy place: sharing yoga, dancing, star-gazing, good food, and gorgeous nature time with my lover, my friends, and […]

July 23rd

Know your Food Labels: Don’t be Fooled by Buzzwords

This post originally appeared on One Green Planet. Surely you’ve seen these labels on boxes, cans and bags: “All-Natural” “Farm Fresh” “Made with Whole Grains” “High in Antioxidants” What do these food labels make you think about the product they are attached to? Do you assume the product is healthier, or are you a savvy […]

July 14th

Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2015

Wanderlust Squaw Valley awaits us next week at the gorgeous Squaw Valley Resort in Tahoe, California. I’ve been blessed with passes to three previous Wanderlust Oahu events, but this will be my first event on the mainland, and I couldn’t be more excited. My partner and I are looking forward to sleeping under the stars […]

July 11th

How to Sanitize Jars for Fermentation Projects

We love our ferments around here. We are big fans of the awesome healthy benefits and delicious flavor that fermented food and drinks offer. Fermented foods can be easily and safely made at home– it just takes the right equipment and some smarts to make it happen well and safely. Learn how to sanitize jars […]

June 18th