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How to Cook Cauliflower, Your New Favorite Vegetable!

Colorful fruits and vegetables make me happy. I believe they should make anybody happy (and in fact, studies show that consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables does make people happy!)! And it is advised to have a pallete of color on your plate each meal in greater proportion to meats and carbohydrates. One […]

February 7th

Healthy Breakfast Must-Haves

Breakfast is the chance for us to give our bodies food after the overnight fasting. And while it’s important to eat healthfully all day, a healthy breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, setting up our bodies for a day of work or play. So what qualities do we look for in […]

December 19th

How to Make Sauerkraut

Are you scared of sauerkraut, like my dad? Sauerkraut should be crunchy, sweet and briny, filled with the tang of healthy fermentation. But faced with canned, overcooked, sour-smelling sauerkraut, my dad and I have stayed away from the fermented cabbage for a long time. But I am a convert now… and next time Dad comes […]

September 9th

Basic Nut Butter Sauce Recipe– Building a Better Sauce!

Happy Vegan MoFo! We’re continuing our month of saucy goodness with a versatile nut butter sauce recipe that will make all your meals creamy, amazing and flavorful. If you like that sort of thing… But let’s be clear– what are we talking about when we say nut butters? We’re talking about peanut butter, almond butter, […]

September 5th

How to Use Sorrell, a new Green to Love

I consider myself a greens geek: having grown many varieties of greens at home and at farms, I am familiar with most things leafy. But last week at the farmer’s market I found a beautiful new green friend in the form of sorrel. But I had no idea how to use sorrell! Sorrel has a […]

August 14th

One Food, Ten Ways: 10 Awesome Oatmeal Recipes

We love our whole grains here at Vibrant Wellness Journal, and few grains are more adaptable, delicious or wholesome as oats. Whether whole, rolled, or quick, oats offer a ton of nutrition and can be used in a variety of breakfast recipes, but also for snacks and dinners too! But why might you want to […]

August 1st

Eating Healthy food on a Budget

We all know that eating whole grains, vegetables, and a plant based diet are keys to improved health, feeling good, and having a body that performs at a higher level in athletics, yoga, work, and even sex! The frequent lament is just how much it costs in order to eat right. Whole Foods is somewhat […]

July 9th

The 20 Best Bean Recipes!

We’re all about inspiring YOU to make more delicious plant-based foods at home– and beans are a huge component of that! We recently shared our 20 best recipes for tofu to get you cooking, and we’re back with more lists. This time we are happy to share our 20 best bean recipes, including wraps, stews, […]

June 11th

Soy Much Inspiration: Our 20 Best Tofu Recipes

We love our bean curd here at Vibrant Wellness Journal! Tofu is a versatile and delicious soy food that can make your vegetarian meals grounding, filling and delicious… if you do it right! Tofu has a bad reputation because it is often cooked improperly. But we’re happy to fix that bad image with our 20 […]

June 1st

From the Archives: Summer Breakfast Recipes

Now that the weather is heating up we can take advantage of nourishing summer fruits, bountiful greens, and fresh herbal teas that keep our bodies light and hydrated. During this seasonal swing it might be hard to incorporate those healthful grains from the winter months, as these are often eaten as warm porridge or oatmeal. […]

May 22nd