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Best Thanksgiving Recipes to Share!

Happy Monday everyone! If you are not yet ready for this week of holiday cooking & eating, Vibrant Wellness Journal is here to help you out. The following links are some of our best Thanksgiving recipe from across the Important Media Network. Food is love, so share it these recipes for the Thanksgiving holiday or […]

November 19th

best thanksgiving recipes to share!

To many, the holiday season is a blessing: a time to share the bounty of food and delight in the company of family and friends. To many others, it’s a stressful time of the year with dinner parties to plan, relatives to entertain, and shopping to be conquered. Though Vibrant Wellness Journal can’t help with […]

November 16th

the 10-minute vegan: noochy tofu sandwich

Here is a quick meal that will fill your belly with happiness and get you back to whatever tasks on your to-do list. This awesome tofu takes just a few minutes to cook, and while it’s cooking you can work on the sandwich fillings (and check your emails, too, probably). Noochy Tofu (which I originally […]

November 7th

notes from the kitchen: five minute raw apple pie crumble

This is my new favorite raw foods snack! Crisp, tart autumn apples, rich almonds, and sweet dates are tossed together for a perfect little snack full of natural sugars, protein, and fats! If you are celebrating October Unprocessed with us, this is a perfect whole food treat that we would like to encourage you to […]

October 23rd

Important Media Hangout on Air: October Unprocessed

Have you ever wanted to sit down and have a chat with some of the Important Media folks? The smart folks here at Important Media get together on a Google Hangout each week and discuss news of the week that is… important! Last week Becky and Heather from Eat, Drink, Better, Jeff from Sustainablog, Scott, […]

October 18th

a rice primer from Food52

If you have every wondered about all those different grains of rice- and how to cook them- Food 52 has written this great little post just for you. The cover the basics: white, brown, basmati, but they also look into some other fun rices like wild rice- not actually a rice but a marsh grass, […]

October 13th

Welcome to October Unprocessed!

If you are interested in cutting back on some of the processed foods in your diet, there is no time like the present, right? Join Vibrant Wellness Journal and Eat Drink Better as we share the joy (and simplicity!) of unprocessed foods for the whole month of October. There are millions of foods that could […]

October 1st

easy gourmet

I have spent a huge amount of my lifetime in food stores.  Even when I was young I had a fascination with the so-called ‘gourmet’ stores.  I am sure that these were popular in big cities, but in our midwest suburb there were only a few, all of which closed down within a few years. […]

September 30th

waste not….

We all know that the finale to this phrase is “want not,” but I am working on really sticking to that first part about not wasting… especially when it comes to vegetables.  Despite my consistent frugality and unabashed love for veggies, I have to admit that I am exceptionally picky about the fruits and veggies […]

September 15th

Favorite Green Goods for the Kitchen

aloha friends: Vibrant Wellness Journal has another guest post up at Green Business Owner featuring some of my favorite green goods: eco-friendly dishsoap, rubbish bags, sponges and such. Not the sexiest post ever, but if you are looking for good quality green goods, these are my recommendations! favorite green goods for the kitchen |

July 21st

Tiny Bubbles: How to Make Water Kefir

Water kefir is my first official fermentation project, a little homemaking fun that has been in the works for awhile now. I’ve always been a bit hesitant about experimenting with the fermentation thing– mostly because it’s always so warm here in Hawaii and I’m worried it might spoil or something. But I am calling the water […]

December 29th

Two new Vegan Scone Recipes!

I am on a new scone kick. I am usually a muffin kind of girl, but recently I’ve been all about scones. The first vegan scone recipe I tried was the Fig Graham Scones using the recipe from My Sweet Vegan; check out Hannah’s blog BitterSweet for information about the book and lots of good […]

December 8th