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Know your Food Labels: Don’t be Fooled by Buzzwords

This post originally appeared on One Green Planet. Surely you’ve seen these labels on boxes, cans and bags: “All-Natural” “Farm Fresh” “Made with Whole Grains” “High in Antioxidants” What do these food labels make you think about the product they are attached to? Do you assume the product is healthier, or are you a savvy […]

July 14th

How to Sanitize Jars for Fermentation Projects

We love our ferments around here. We are big fans of the awesome healthy benefits and delicious flavor that fermented food and drinks offer. Fermented foods can be easily and safely made at home– it just takes the right equipment and some smarts to make it happen well and safely. Learn how to sanitize jars […]

June 18th

Homemade Coconut Milk Yogurt

Love yogurt but want to experiment with making it at home? This Homemade Coconut milk Yogurt is an easy recipe that yields a great alternative to store-bought yogurts. Why avoid store-bought? All that single-use plastic just breaks my heart! Just like those dumb k-cups for coffee, yogurts are usually packed in number 5 plastics, which […]

April 7th

Homemade Vegan Caramel Corn

I created this recipe a few years ago for a ‘movie night’ themed cooking class, and it was a mega hit. Usually caramel corn is just a gross mess of corn syrup, excess sugar and hydrogenated oils. But this version! Oooooh, it’s so dang good! This homemade vegan caramel corn contains only great ingredients that […]

April 3rd