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natural healing: umesho bancha tea

Bancha is one of many names for twig tea (Kukicha is another). This tea is made from the twigs and branches of the tea plant, and has all the antioxidants and very little of the caffeine. It’s a great relaxing drink after dinner or before bed, with a roasty, herbal flavor that is strong but […]

February 24th

living to a beat: minding the natural rhythms of life

Vibrant Wellness Journal is happy to host the first post of our newest writer, Matthew Lovitt. His blog, Veggie Feed, is a great source of health and wellness news, and we’re super stoked to have him join our team (you can find him on Facebook too)! Thanks Matthew, and we’re looking forward to more of […]

December 27th

eating mindfully

Slowing down and truly enjoying food is important for both digestive and mental health. This is also known as mindful eating, or embracing your innate culinary intelligence. Mindful eating is a way for us to spend quality time with our meals, and learn how to really savor foods. By slowing down and paying attention to […]

December 20th