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Avoid Magnesium Deficiency with a Healthy Diet

If you are a migraine sufferer you’ve probably heard about magnesium deficiency. The two are thought to be linked. Did you know that most of us are somewhat deficient in this mineral? If you often feel weak, fatigued or irritable (or get lots of headaches…

March 21st

Helpful Tips for a Successful Intervention

When a loved one is battling addiction, it can often be difficult for friends and relatives to identify the best course of action. An intervention, in situations where the individual refuses to seek help on their own, should be a last resort. Recovery specialists suggest having an open and intimate conversation with the person before […]

March 12th

Avoid Kidney Failure Symptoms: Natural Healing for your Kidneys

We don’t usually pay much attention to the kidneys unless we develop problems with them. In Eastern medicine, however, the kidneys are considered to be the foundation of your health and vitality, also known as “Jing.” And when we focus on kidney health, we can also look at the related organs of detoxification and elimination […]

February 26th

Tips to Manage Stress for a Healthier, Happier You

The New Year often brings resolutions of better diet, more exercise and greater personal or professional achievement. To ensure our success, we often go to great lengths managing and manipulating our lives at the expense of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, although well intentioned, this New Year’s trade-off can place a tremendous amount of stress on […]

January 16th

The Dangers of Caffeine

One month ago I would have laughed at that title– ha! As a former coffeeshop barista and long-time tea drinker, I’ve always been a fan of caffeinated brews in their various forms. However, some recent health challenges and my high anxiety level really made me question whether or not my daily doses were helpful or […]

January 13th

Eating to a Beat: Nutrition for a Healthy Circadian Rhythm

My first contribution to Vibrant Wellness Journal appeared almost exactly a year ago, which, almost ironically, serves as the perfect introduction to what we are going to be discussing today. In Living to a Beat: Minding the Natural Rhythms of Life, we learned a little about circadian rhythms and how certain eating habits can alter […]

January 7th

Learn to Balance Hormones Naturally

One of the most popular posts on our site is Balance the Reproductive Cycle Naturally with Traditional Chinese Medicine. This post, written in collaboration with an acupuncturist, discusses the foods and supplements that can help us throughout our menstrual cycle: seaweeds, greens and beets are good all month long, but others (like warming spices) are […]

January 6th

Health Benefits of Healthy Fats

When talking diet and nutrition there is probably no subject more polarizing than fat. We have been raised to view dietary fat as “bad” and many admonish fat-heavy diets as the source of increased incidence of heart attack, stroke and cancer. The movement against fat has been so strong and the message so well received […]

December 30th

Food is Medicine: Helpful Tips for the Holiday Season

Yesterday I shared some of the most important foods for natural healing: umeboshi paste, miso, kuzu, good salt and kukicha tea. These pantry staples are good to have all year long, but especially during the holidays when we might be tempted to indulge in more decadent foods than we might regularly do. Heavy food like […]

December 24th

Natural Healing: Healthy Holiday Must Haves

Happy Holidays~ tis the season for gathering. In fact, “gathering”  or “Yang” energy is most prevalent this time of the season, according to Eastern philosophy, as you can see in the nature and even in the human world. It’s also a time when we have lots of fun, eat lots of delicious foods, and drink […]

December 23rd

Should you Choose a Vegan Lifestyle?

In case you’ve been blissfully avoiding pop media lately, entrepreneur and musician Jay-Z and his super-star wife Beyonce have recently embarked upon a 22-day vegan “challenge.”  In what he calls a “spiritual and physical cleanse,” Jay-Z and Beyonce are undertaking veganism in recognition of the spiritual significance of his 44th birthday and the Christmas season. […]

December 19th

Feed Your Genes and Reverse DNA Damage!

There is a natural order in life and in the body that starts with DNA. DNA contains all the instructions that transform us from a fertilized egg into a full human being. DNA also contains all the programming that facilitates biological growth and repair; fights infection and disease; and aids the normal function of vital […]

December 10th

Simple Morning Ayurvedic Tips

Mornings are one of the busiest times of the day for many of us. We are up and full force before we’ve brushed out teeth.  E-mails need checking, kids need dressing, a run would be awesome to fit in…..The AM hours Monday-Friday can be scattered and rushed, leaving little or no time for a few […]

December 2nd