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poop transplants for healing digestive infections. yes, really.

This article from Mother Jones is so fascinating- if a little bit high in the ick factor. Yes, fecal transplantation means just what it sounds like… transplanting someone’s excrement into some other persons gastrointestinal system. The main goal is to share microbes and bacteria that flourish within a healthy gut. A poop transfusion can help […]

October 30th

World’s Best Oatmeal

We’re all aware of the health benefits of oatmeal: it’s a whole grain which is full of vitamins and minerals, high in fiber, and it binds and removes cholesterol from your bloodstream. My Italian heritage has everyone in my family concerned about that last bit… everyone’s cholesterol is on the high side, including mine. Twenty […]

October 8th

a primer on processed foods

Yesterday we told you about the October Unprocessed challenge, and how we here at Important Media are going to be sharing recipes and insights for a whole month of clean eats. If this sounds interesting to you, but you are not quite sure WHAT processed foods are, WHY we should eliminate them from our diet, […]

October 2nd

meeting nutritional needs of vegans

Here is a cute visual aid to follow up on yesterday’s post about how to eat a delicious, healthy, and nutritionally-balanced vegan diet. This cute infographic come to us from Rhythm Superfoods. To address the question of, “But where do you get your ________ (protein, iron, calcium, flavor) from?” Now you have a picture to […]

September 25th

coconut oil is your friend

I should begin by confessing that I love coconut oil, though it was a slow attraction. I had a jar in the pantry for months before I really started using it; I was encouraged by a visiting ladyfriend who used it for everything (cooking and topically).  After tasting her coconut oil roasted veggies and seeing […]

September 14th

The Best Nutrient-Dense Foods… and Recipes to Inspire!

Organic Authority has a list of the world’s best nutrient dense foods! And guess what- it’s all plant-based foods! And we have recipes for all of them! Spirulina: a blue green algae that is a great source of minerals and protein. It can be blended into smoothies, dressings, or used in these homemade Larabars. Kale: […]

September 10th

Natural Yeast Infection Cures

After struggling for many years with recurring yeast infections, I’ve tried nearly every natural remedy out there. Here is a comprehensive review of the many natural yeast infection cures available.

September 8th

healing disordered eating with plant-based diets

Celebrate the work and lives of women this week on The Important Media Network! This week has designated to celebrate women all across our brilliant network- check out all of the woman-focused posts here on Ecolocalizer. For today’s post, I wanted to share a project of a most fabulous vegan blogger- Gena of Choosing Raw. […]

September 7th