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keep your poop off my food!

Mike Anderson, a medical doctor and proponent of a plant-based diet, created this documentary titled simply ‘Eating‘ (3rd edition).  The premise is simple: eating is killing us.  The standard American diet (known by the ironic acronym SAD) is so full of poor quality animal products, processed foods, and chemicals that eating actually kills two out of […]

October 11th

Prop 37: which natural food brands are on our side?

Do you know about Prop 37, the measure to require labeling of Genetically-Modified Foods (GMOs) in California? If you have missed the news about this landmark decision, read up about here on on Eat, Drink, Better, Ecolocalizer, and Red, Green, and Blue. The GMO labeling issue is important because it would give consumers a choice about […]

October 10th

why should we give up soda?

A few weeks ago Mayor Bloomberg of New York City passed an unprecedented ruling that bans the sale of large sized sodas across the city (larger than 16-oz). Mayor Bloomberg has been fighting for this issue for a long time now, along with many other public health challenges like smoking and posting calorie counts on […]

October 4th

conscious consuming: thinking about our food choices

I am an avid ingredient-list reader, but the nutritional information on the sides of the packages get only a passing glace. But did you know that soon restaurants and stores will begin putting calorie counts on the food items on the menu? Some of you may have seen this at certain places already. But what […]

September 28th

How can we stop wasting food?

Did you know that we, as Americans, chuck up to HALF of our total food purchased. That means half of the work the farmers do, half the oil used to transport the goods, half the time you spend in the grocery store is simply… wasted. Doesn’t that seem crazy? How can we stop wasting food?

September 18th

the dangers of fast food

How dangerous can fast food be, you might wonder? Unfortunately, for the untold number of people that become sick each year due to contamination, fast food can be very dangerous indeed. Case in point- yesterday Huffington Post shared an article about a raw chicken sandwich being served at an Ontario location. Not only is the […]

September 18th

Would you support a vegetarian McDonalds?

The news broke last week that McDonalds was planning on opening an all-vegetarian store in India. There are already many vegetarian options on offer at Indian McDonalds due to the high percentage of Hindu and Muslim residents eschewing beef and pork. But this will be the first restaurant that features an all-vegetarian menu, due to […]

September 10th

shared awareness: something really big is going on

This crazy smart article features the dangerous ideas of Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Eating Animals and Everything is Illuminated.  He spent many years doing research about modern industrial animal farming for his Eating Animals book; the results were terrifying and shocking. Surprisingly though, he was pretty even-handed in his approach. For example, he says: […]

September 28th