Politics of Food

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Meat-Less Book Review: Learning to Eat Less Meat and Contribute to a Healthier Planet

Meat-less, by Kristie Middleton, is a wonderful resource for everybody who is interested in bringing more plant-based food into their daily diets. The book offers a nice balance of research, real-life stories, and practical ideas for slowly eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs from menus and lifestyles.  Divided into three parts —- “Why Meat-Less,” “Getting Started,” […]

February 28th

How Aspartame Affects your Health

There are many lifestyle changes that we make which are supposed to help us lose weight and get healthy. We cut out snacks or skip meals altogether in order to save a few calories here and there, or spend countless hours in the gym trying to burn off that extra layer of love that lines […]

October 7th

The Truth About Olive Oil

Do you know the difference between extra virgin olive oil and just… olive oil? I had always thought they were mostly the same, just that EVOO, as that Rachel lady named it, was maybe a bit more pure- and certainly more expensive. But actually there is a huge difference, which I just learned pretty recently […]

August 5th

should health insurers subsidize our veggies?

How much should it cost to eat healthy foods? One common complaint often heard about healthy food is that it is too expensive. And sometimes this really seems true– but as many of you know by now, we don’t often pay the true cost of our food because of government subsidies for corn and soy […]

April 2nd

Progressive Kitch Podcast: smart, simple nutrition and analysis

Have you ever heard a study reported on some news outlet and thought, “Wait, that’s the best summary you can give? But what about…”  It’s a chronic issue with mainstream media: they’re afraid to take too ‘extreme’ a stance when that stance could potentially aggravate their advertisers, and even if that stance is not even […]

February 18th

for truly homemade foods, avoid the processed stuff!

There are many reasons to learn how to cook healthy, whole foods meals at home- family time, delicious flavors, quality nourishment, and affordability. So nothing angers me more than when processed food companies co-opt the idea of homemade foods by inserting their crappy overly salted, overly sugared foods into ‘recipes’ and calling it a homemade […]

January 25th

the cheating pescatarian

Vibrant Wellness Journal is excited to have a guest post today by my dear friend Lily S. She’s the most fashionable lady that I know, and she’s quite the chef, too! She’s always posting awesome food photos on her Facebook site and her blog, Masarap!. In a recent post she shared that she’s changed from […]

January 5th