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Taste True Tea with Rishi Tea

I’ve long been a fan of green tea, one of the many facets of my serious tea passion. A few years ago I quit caffeine for health reasons, but have recently been integrating it back into my life. My favorite caffeinated beverage of choice has always been green tea, and I recently discovered matcha tea […]

November 23rd

Pacha Cacao: Superfood Drink of Wonder

Recently we were sent some Pacha Cacao for review and we totally fell in love with this uniquely delicious drink. Pacha Cacao is made from only organic cacao shells and organic cocoa powder and is brewed like a loose-leaf tea. The drink can enjoyed hot or cold, served in a mug like your favorite tea, or […]

May 30th

Righteously Raw Chocolate: Companies we Love!

I love to feature companies here on the blog that offer amazing, healthy products and have great business principles too. Righteously Raw is one such company: makers of decadent, raw chocolate bars featuring an array of superfood ingredients, they are easily one of my favorite chocolate bars for when I need a chocolate indulgence. I […]

March 18th

Product Review: RISE Bars

I am very much a skeptic when it comes to “energy bars.” College volleyball had me cramming Clif Bars and Tiger Bars into my mouth before games and subsisting off more of the same while traveling around Australia. At the time (and at that budget!), these quick bars seemed like a healthy option. But I’ve […]

September 28th

Good Clean Love Lubricant: A Product Review

We love clean, healthy products for our body. But did you know that most personal care products contain dozens of harmful ingredients– and that these ingredients are barely regulated? It’s scary stuff, and that’s why it’s important to buy natural body care from companies you trust. Fortunately, it has become easier than ever to find […]

September 16th

The Health Benefits of Hemp

Hemp is a super awesome crop: it’s sustainable, easy to grow, and makes a ton of cool products for us to use– it can be made into building materials, clothing, fuel and most importantly for us: FOOD. Learn more cool facts about hemp here. Almost all of the hemp consumed in the United States is […]

July 24th

Is Drink Iconic a Healthy Beverage? (Absolutely NOT!)

The lucky bloggers here at Important Media often receive offers from companies to review their products, and usually we are happy to oblige (Hello, free acai from Sambazon!). But every once in awhile we receive an offer that is just not to our liking, or not aligned with our values. One such offer came through […]

July 15th

Product Review: Chuice Juice, the Chewy Juice

Today Vibrant Wellness Journal welcomes Ruksana Hussain, our newest writer. Ruksana is an experienced writer and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She works with several local and national, print and online media outlets and publications, covering topics like travel, food, social media and business. Read more about her work at I first tried Chuice at […]

June 15th