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Taste True Tea with Rishi Tea

I’ve long been a fan of green tea, one of the many facets of my serious tea passion. A few years ago I quit caffeine for health reasons, but have recently been integrating it back into my life. My favorite caffeinated beverage of choice has always been green tea, and I recently discovered matcha tea […]

November 23rd

Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps: Food, Herbs, and Lifestyle Tweaks for a Smoother Cycle

Do you suffer with monthly bouts of pain and discomfort due to your menstrual cramps? Unfortunately, most of us do suffer at some point (or all the time) with our monthly visitor, but the ladies here at VWJ have gathered a collection of natural home remedies for menstrual cramps to help you make peace with your period once and for all.

March 2nd

Maca Mocha Smoothie

Sure, I gave up caffeine, but I still crave coffee all. the. time. Every once in awhile I will indulge in a few sips, but mostly I stay away and choose healthy caffeine alternatives like herbal chai or herbal coffee. But a few days ago, inspired by super warm weather and a load of frozen […]

July 5th

Pacha Cacao: Superfood Drink of Wonder

Recently we were sent some Pacha Cacao for review and we totally fell in love with this uniquely delicious drink. Pacha Cacao is made from only organic cacao shells and organic cocoa powder and is brewed like a loose-leaf tea. The drink can enjoyed hot or cold, served in a mug like your favorite tea, or […]

May 30th

Yin Yang Energy in Food: Finding your Balance

I love my green tea and I can drink this beautiful & aromatic drink all day long. But it’s not the same variety one would find at typical coffee shop in teabags. I choose to brew green tea leaves from Japan, with the right amount of leaves and the right temperature of hot water, and […]

May 26th

The Dangers of Caffeine

One month ago I would have laughed at that title– ha! As a former coffeeshop barista and long-time tea drinker, I’ve always been a fan of caffeinated brews in their various forms. However, some recent health challenges and my high anxiety level really made me question whether or not my daily doses were helpful or […]

January 13th