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Gettin’ Saucy with the Vegan MoFo

For those of us in the blogging world, there are so many things to get excited about: non-dairy ice cream, Instagram, new recipes featuring nooch, vegan mac & cheese… and so much more. But few things excite us more than that special time of year known as the Vegan MoFo, or the Vegan Month of […]

September 4th

Homemade Baba Ganoush

Think of Baba Ganoush as the sexier, smokier cousin to hummus. It’s a roasted eggplant dip that can be served with vegetables and pita breads, or used in wraps and sandwiches. Baba ganoush is a bit lighter than hummus, since it’s made from veggies rather than beans, but it’s also a perfect compliment to the […]

June 26th