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The Truth about Sugar

Sugar seems pretty innocuous, but more and more research is showing that sugar (in all its forms) is really terrible for our bodies. The truth about sugar is that some researchers and doctors even say that it’s one of the great public health epidemics of our time. Really…? Yes, really. Read more about the Social […]

December 14th

Food News of the Week

Here we are again with the top food news of the week from our smart ladyfriends at Eat. Drink… Better. Each week Tanya from Progressive Kitch dishes out the good, the bad and the ugly of the food world. Check out food news updates from last week and the week before too! This week we […]

February 21st

Food News of the Week!

New research indicts sugar, Subway ditches doughy carcinogens, and the GMO labeling battle escalates. Meanwhile, vegans take over the world. For the week’s best news stories from the food world, read on! Food & Health: What’s in YOUR Bread (or…

February 11th

Beat Food Cravings at the Source

The dichotomy that surrounds food craving and binging has never been so noticeable. One segment of the Western world embraces contests in which obnoxious amounts of hot dogs, pizza or butter are consumed for nothing more than a new t-shirt, while others find themselves under self-imposed restrictions because of the shame associated with even the […]

November 28th

How to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

The holiday season is a fun and joyous time of year. Unfortunately, it is also probably one of the most stressful. There are presents to be bought, parties to be planned, and decorations to be brought down from and put back into the attic on an almost weekly basis. On top of the seasonal demands […]

November 25th

Living with Food Allergies

The prospect of living with food allergies can be daunting and I often tell newly diagnosed clients that there are two ways to approach an allergen-free diet. Typically it’s as simple as choosing to “eat” or “be” allergen free. For example, if a client and myself identify a connection between the consumption of specific grains […]

November 15th

Capture Vitality with Kombu Dashi

My passion for soups and stews grows stronger as each autumn day passes and winter quickly approaches. Warming foods like these warm the body and soul and allow the dark, slow days of Fall to joyously pass with ease. In addition to the comfort they provide, a well-timed bowl of soup or hearty stew also […]

October 28th

A Fun Approach to Health and Wellness… with a Funny Video!

The mainstream media is awash with dietary recommendations and promises for lasting health and wellness. Unfortunately, although well-intentioned and seemingly based upon sound dietary reasoning, the majority of such advice is, borrowing terms from our nation’s beloved dairy industry, pasteurized and homogenized to such a degree that it is hard to delineate the pertinent points […]

August 12th

Healthy Houseplant Guide

Can indoor plants really improve your indoor air quality? The answer is absolutely yes! Not only that, indoor plants offer a host of other benefits, ranging from bringing calming energy into the home, increasing your edibles, and making your house beautiful. For many people, ventilating the home by leaving doors and windows open to encourage […]

July 10th