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Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps: Food, Herbs, and Lifestyle Tweaks for a Smoother Cycle

Do you suffer with monthly bouts of pain and discomfort due to your menstrual cramps? Unfortunately, most of us do suffer at some point (or all the time) with our monthly visitor, but the ladies here at VWJ have gathered a collection of natural home remedies for menstrual cramps to help you make peace with your period once and for all.

March 2nd

Tips to Manage Stress for a Healthier, Happier You

The New Year often brings resolutions of better diet, more exercise and greater personal or professional achievement. To ensure our success, we often go to great lengths managing and manipulating our lives at the expense of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, although well intentioned, this New Year’s trade-off can place a tremendous amount of stress on […]

January 16th

The Dangers of Caffeine

One month ago I would have laughed at that title– ha! As a former coffeeshop barista and long-time tea drinker, I’ve always been a fan of caffeinated brews in their various forms. However, some recent health challenges and my high anxiety level really made me question whether or not my daily doses were helpful or […]

January 13th

Learn to Balance Hormones Naturally

One of the most popular posts on our site is Balance the Reproductive Cycle Naturally with Traditional Chinese Medicine. This post, written in collaboration with an acupuncturist, discusses the foods and supplements that can help us throughout our menstrual cycle: seaweeds, greens and beets are good all month long, but others (like warming spices) are […]

January 6th

Balance the Reproductive Cycle Naturally with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Today Vibrant Wellness Journal has the privilege of working with Dr. Charyse Harvick, a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She specializes in women’s health care, and works with food, herbs, and supplements to help balance the reproductive cycle naturally. She offers us some advice about the four phases of our cycle: […]

February 11th