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Eat Breakfast to Avoid Heart Disease

There are many known benefits to regularly eating a healthy breakfast, including: Improved cognitive function to facilitate learning and retention. Positive nutrient timing to help prevent episodes of binge eating. Increasingly active metabolism and stable blood sugar to promote fat burn and weight loss. Not to mention the improvements in mood and emotional stability that […]

August 8th

what do you do with… seaweed?

The greens of the sea can be an incredibly healthful addition to your diet. Seaweeds are loaded with naturally occuring minerals, iodine, fiber, calcium, and iron, and there are so many varieties to choose from that you will likely find many favorites! Though there are many type of sea vegetables to choose from, the ones […]

March 8th

foodie field trip: Mana Foods in Paia, Maui

Last weekend I spent the day on Maui for a big event for work. Being at the airport at 6:15 made for a terribly early wake-up call, but the day went well and we served kale salad, pasta salad, and vegan summer rolls to the masses of tourists and residents in Kihei for the Pacific […]

February 23rd

quick meals: lemon miso lentil soup

This simple, nourishing soup is filling but gentle on your digestive system. It’s great for healthy bodies or those suffering from a little winter sickness! Lentils and rice provide protein and heft, while the miso and coconut are nice and soothing. Adding whatever leftover veggies or grains you might have on hand is a great […]

December 29th

Healing Your Body with Miso

Whenever a loved one suffers from an upset stomach or other sickness, my answer is usually miso soup. It is delicious, nourishing, and deeply healing due to the various probiotics and antioxidants naturally found in miso. Miso is a paste made from fermented soy and rice, although there are plenty of brands that offer chickpea […]

November 8th

quick meals: butter-miso noodle bowl

This recipe is one of those oh-ma-gawd-I’m starving-what’s-for-dinner? kinda meals I threw together: cook up some pantry staples (whole grain udon noodles), everything-but-the-kitchen-sink vegetables (kale, broccoli, carrots, onions), and mix some quick condiments from the fridge (miso, butter, lemon) for a surprisingly delicious little bowl.  The butter and miso combination is decadent and filling, but […]

October 1st

greek feast: lemon rice soup

This recipe comes to us via Choosing Raw, one of the most popular and charming food blogs on the web. Gena is of Greek heritage, and this recipe is her vegan version of traditional Greek Easter Soup. This soup is usually made with chicken and eggs, but here tahini, miso, and lemon are featured to […]

September 25th