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Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps: Food, Herbs, and Lifestyle Tweaks for a Smoother Cycle

Do you suffer with monthly bouts of pain and discomfort due to your menstrual cramps? Unfortunately, most of us do suffer at some point (or all the time) with our monthly visitor, but the ladies here at VWJ have gathered a collection of natural home remedies for menstrual cramps to help you make peace with your period once and for all.

March 2nd

Tips to Manage Stress for a Healthier, Happier You

The New Year often brings resolutions of better diet, more exercise and greater personal or professional achievement. To ensure our success, we often go to great lengths managing and manipulating our lives at the expense of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, although well intentioned, this New Year’s trade-off can place a tremendous amount of stress on […]

January 16th

Natural Healing: Healthy Holiday Must Haves

Happy Holidays~ tis the season for gathering. In fact, “gathering”  or “Yang” energy is most prevalent this time of the season, according to Eastern philosophy, as you can see in the nature and even in the human world. It’s also a time when we have lots of fun, eat lots of delicious foods, and drink […]

December 23rd

natural healing: umesho bancha tea

Bancha is one of many names for twig tea (Kukicha is another). This tea is made from the twigs and branches of the tea plant, and has all the antioxidants and very little of the caffeine. It’s a great relaxing drink after dinner or before bed, with a roasty, herbal flavor that is strong but […]

February 24th