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Taste True Tea with Rishi Tea

I’ve long been a fan of green tea, one of the many facets of my serious tea passion. A few years ago I quit caffeine for health reasons, but have recently been integrating it back into my life. My favorite caffeinated beverage of choice has always been green tea, and I recently discovered matcha tea […]

November 23rd

Food Chains Film Review

The newly release Food Chains film is a documentary looking at the issue of farm workers’ rights in the United States, and the fights that affect us all.

April 17th

Food News of the Week

It’s been awhile since I’ve caught up on my weekly food news from our smart foodie sisters at Eat. Drink… Better. So here is your weekly dose of food news, including everything you need to know about the huge hummus recall (so many reasons to make your own HUMMUS!), GMO legislation, shenanigans in the upper […]

May 27th

Get Local: How to Find Local Foods

Heather Callaghan Activist Post As demand for local and raw goods continue to rise, more people are asking – where do I find local organic? Where do I find raw milk and join a herd share? Where are the farmers markets, co-ops and stands? Search engines…

February 17th

How to Make Healthy Cocktails (including Recipes!)

Healthy cocktails might seem like an oxymoron, but even those of us passionate about health and wellness choose to enjoy happy hour from time to time! And for those choosing to indulge, finding healthier, organic cocktails is equally important as choosing healthy, organic foods. For a cocktail to qualify as healthy means that it’s made […]

October 14th

The Truth About Olive Oil

Do you know the difference between extra virgin olive oil and just… olive oil? I had always thought they were mostly the same, just that EVOO, as that Rachel lady named it, was maybe a bit more pure- and certainly more expensive. But actually there is a huge difference, which I just learned pretty recently […]

August 5th

Quick Meals: Sprout Salad

Sprouts are nutrient-dense and alkalizing– and they come in many varieties, so mix up the flavors in this salad by swapping in your favorite sprouts and veggies. To learn more about why spouts are so good for you and how to make them grow, check out the following links from our friends across the Important […]

July 5th