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Meat-Less Book Review: Learning to Eat Less Meat and Contribute to a Healthier Planet

Meat-less, by Kristie Middleton, is a wonderful resource for everybody who is interested in bringing more plant-based food into their daily diets. The book offers a nice balance of research, real-life stories, and practical ideas for slowly eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs from menus and lifestyles.  Divided into three parts —- “Why Meat-Less,” “Getting Started,” […]

February 28th

Plant-Based Bacon, 9 Ways

Last week we shared some solid reasons to stop eating so much bacon. But let’s be real, y’all. People love bacon. That’s because bacon is delicious. The good news for animals, the planet and our health is that you can make plant based bacon to sate your craving.

February 5th

Build your Intestinal Flora with Probiotic Foods

Did you know that your intestines are considered to be the second brain? Recent studies have shown that the more than 80% of serotonin, a hormone responsible for mental well-being, are found in our intestinal tracts. It’s long been known in the East that headaches are often times triggered by an imbalance in the digestive system, […]

April 3rd

Good Winter Eats: Creamy Split Pea Soup Recipe

When I think of split pea soup, I think of my grandmother, even though I never tried her recipe. By the time I was old enough to begin liking green things like pea soup, I had already become a vegetarian and the main flavoring component of her soup was a huge piece of ham. But, […]

January 22nd