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Raw Food Recipes: Caramel Apple Cheesecake

This raw cheesecake is truly divine. I’ve made some raw cheesecakes before, but this Raw Caramel Apple Cheesecake takes vegan decadence to another level. This recipe is the creation of my coworker at our local health food store. In preparation for a holiday cooking workshop, we wanted to be sure to include some raw desserts […]

March 26th

Raw Vegan Lemon Bar Recipe

Though the weather is cooling, citrus is coming into season at this time of year. And nothing brings sunshine to your cloudy days like the bright, beautiful flavor of lemons. Thus quick raw vegan Lemon Bar recipe is the perfect way to bring lemony joy into your day. They are even healthy enough for breakfast! […]

November 29th

The Benefits of Sprouting

I know I’m not alone in my passion for food and, despite my best efforts at being lazy, I think it’s about time I recognize and experience the nutritional and emotional benefits of sprouting. Sprouting According to the Whole Grains Council, grains like rice, wheat, corn, oats and barley are actually the dormant seeds of […]

September 2nd

Mostly Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Looking to add more raw recipes into your life? This Mostly Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Cake is a beautiful, simple dessert for any occasion! Featuring richly flavored hazelnut flour, caramelly dates, and a homemade chocolate ganache, you are going to impress yourself and all your friends with this awesome treat! You can make this into a large […]

August 28th

Quick Meals: Sprout Salad

Sprouts are nutrient-dense and alkalizing– and they come in many varieties, so mix up the flavors in this salad by swapping in your favorite sprouts and veggies. To learn more about why spouts are so good for you and how to make them grow, check out the following links from our friends across the Important […]

July 5th

smitten with vanilla

Bright Earth Chef’s Grade Vanilla Powder is seriously the tastiest ingredient on earth. It might be surprising that this taste sensation, this bringer-of-joy to my baking and cooking world, is none other than simple vanilla. Though it is often thought of as bland, vanilla is actually an incredibly complex flavor. According to Steve Ettlinger in […]

February 14th

what do you do with… daikon?

Daikon is a large white radish that has not likely made an appearance in your kitchen. It’s admittedly quite odd: sometimes 6-inches long, sometimes almost two feet, with slightly spiky leaves, and it has a pungent smell and flavor that might turn most folks off. But, if you can get past these slightly negative characteristics, […]

February 6th

Rawsome Sweets: Raw Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

This stunning dessert is simple to make, but looks very impressive and tastes even better. Made with coconut butter, soaked cashews, dates, cacao, and berries, it’s full of all kinds of good healthy fats and tons of flavor. Cut the pieces small and snack on them all day long… maybe even for breakfast! Chocolate Berry […]

September 11th

The Best No-Bake Granola Recipe

Recently one of my cooking classes focused on Warm Weather Breakfasts, featuring this incredible No-Bake Granola. This recipe is loosely inspired by Lisa over at Vegan Culinary Crusade. She makes a great raw granola of ground oats, nuts, and apricots served as part of a raw parfait. I stuck with those original ingredients and added […]

September 8th