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Basic Marinade Recipe

Happy Vegan MoFo! We’re continuing our month of saucy goodness with this basic marinade recipe that you can use all year long for all your meals! But let’s be straight here: just because the title of this post says it’s a basic marinade recipe doesn’t mean it’s anything short of fabulous! This is my go-to […]

September 6th

Gettin’ Saucy with the Vegan MoFo

For those of us in the blogging world, there are so many things to get excited about: non-dairy ice cream, Instagram, new recipes featuring nooch, vegan mac & cheese… and so much more. But few things excite us more than that special time of year known as the Vegan MoFo, or the Vegan Month of […]

September 4th

Creamy Almond-Hemp Dressing + Awesome Tips for Coleslaw

This Creamy Almond-Hemp Dressing is so easy, and so delicious and SO HEALTHY, it just might become your favorite food. It features some of our favorite ingredients: almonds, ginger, turmeric and hempseeds, which might be new to you! These teeny seeds blend into the dressing seamlessly and add a nice, creamy flavor. This dressing can […]

July 23rd

Hello Summer: Homemade Barbeque Sauce

Chipotle is smoked, dried jalapeno– and it is amazing. Adding both heat and a massive dose of flavor to your foods, you might find that you get a little crazy about the chipotle. I’ve used it with homemade chocolates, with baked beans, and here, with a sweet savory homemade barbeque sauce. Use for your veggies, […]

June 13th

An Indian Feast: Mango Chutney Recipe

Chutney is a sweet, spicy and tangy condiment that is served with most Indian meals. It can be bought in jars for convenience, but why not make your own? It’s simple and much more tasty than any store-bought version. This mango chutney recipe features warming spices and sweet mango for a classic accompaniment to your […]

June 6th

An Indian Feast: A Vegan Samosa Recipe

Today we’re starting a new series featuring five recipes in five days! Today is the first of our Indian Feast– and we’re featuring a favorite vegan samosa recipe. Tune in tomorrow for another samosa recipe; later this week we will post a quick mung bean dal recipe and two awesome dipping sauces for your Indian […]

June 3rd

Soy Much Inspiration: Our 20 Best Tofu Recipes

We love our bean curd here at Vibrant Wellness Journal! Tofu is a versatile and delicious soy food that can make your vegetarian meals grounding, filling and delicious… if you do it right! Tofu has a bad reputation because it is often cooked improperly. But we’re happy to fix that bad image with our 20 […]

June 1st

quick meals: sweet & sour tempeh

For those of you still looking for easy, awesome tempeh recipes, this might be the solution to all your searching! This recipe is simple, uses pantry staples, and comes together with a minimum of time and effort. The main ingredients are orange juice, flavored with some apple cider vinegar and soy sauce which thickens naturally, […]

March 7th

Quick Meals: The Best Marinated Tofu Recipe

Tofu is a versatile and wholesome soy food to add into your diet- and if you are looking for the best marinated tofu recipe, this is it! This simple Marinated Tofu, with red wine vinegar, olive oil, herbs, mirin, and soy sauce is certainly one of the very best tofu recipes ever. And it’s super […]

November 14th