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National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

Well, if there was ever a holiday to celebrate on Vibrant Wellness Journal, this surely is it! I learned from listening to Marketplace yesterday on my way home that today, June 17 is National Eat your Vegetables Day. And I think it’s a great damn day. We all know we should eat more vegetables. They […]

June 17th

How to Cook Cauliflower, Your New Favorite Vegetable!

Colorful fruits and vegetables make me happy. I believe they should make anybody happy (and in fact, studies show that consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables does make people happy!)! And it is advised to have a pallete of color on your plate each meal in greater proportion to meats and carbohydrates. One […]

February 7th

Quick Snacks: Sprouted Hummus

Finding healthy and delicious alternatives to indulgent holiday foods is crucial in keeping us honest in our journey towards complete health and wellness. In fact, I believe there is no holiday health strategy more important if we hope to make it through the next six weeks with our sanity! With that in mind, I have […]

December 6th

Capture Vitality with Kombu Dashi

My passion for soups and stews grows stronger as each autumn day passes and winter quickly approaches. Warming foods like these warm the body and soul and allow the dark, slow days of Fall to joyously pass with ease. In addition to the comfort they provide, a well-timed bowl of soup or hearty stew also […]

October 28th

Introduction to Macrobiotics with Jin Hirata

Today Vibrant Wellness Journal is happy to welcome Jin Hirata, a Japanese Macrobiotic chef and nutritionist living in New York City. Chef Jin works as a health counselor, cooking instructor, does shiatsu massage and Reiki healing. Check out more about Macrobiotics and healthy living on his website, Whole Life with Jin. Know your Uniqueness Macrobiotics sees […]

July 8th