Quick Meals: Great Recipes for Eating Alone

This is one my classic single girly dishes, one of the best recipes for eating alone. It’s simple and fast, and like my other quick meals, it’s still healthy and balanced… and taste amazing. The recipe featured below is Udon with Miso-Tahini Dressing and Veggies, which I eat at least once a week. Other good meals for solo nights include quick lentil dishes, embarrassingly simple stir-fry combinations of veggies and leftover tempeh, brown rice + granola yogurt bowls, simple pasta dishes, egg sandwiches with kale, and sometimes just toast!

miso tahini dressing with noodles and greens
hearty and wholesome, for one

Udon & Veggies with Miso-Tahini Dressing

1 serving udon noodles (or soba)
1 cup mixed veggies
½ cup leftover tempeh or tofu
2 Tablespoons tahini
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
2 teaspoons miso
½ teaspoon honey or agave
pinch black pepper
water to taste

  1. Cook your noodles according to the directions.  Cook your veggies, or use leftovers! If using fresh, simple saute or steam as you like; if using kale, try this trick for quickly blanched kale:  wash and tear the kale, then toss kale into the boiling noodle water when the noodles are finished cooking. Stir gently, and then drain and rinse quickly. This blanches it perfectly.
  2. In a small bowl mix together the tahini, lemon, miso, honey, pepper.  Add water 1 teaspoon at a time to make a smooth creamy dressing.
  3. Simply toss the noodles with the dressing until well coated, and add other veggies or things at the end.  Enjoy with the your favorite trashy magazine, with the newest rom-com, or just enjoy some quiet time with the kitty!


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