shared awareness: something really big is going on

This crazy smart article features the dangerous ideas of Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Eating Animals and Everything is Illuminated.  He spent many years doing research about modern industrial animal farming for his Eating Animals book; the results were terrifying and shocking. Surprisingly though, he was pretty even-handed in his approach. For example, he says:

”With [the question of eating meat], even if you give it as generous and humble approach as you can, it’s almost impossible not to avoid heated feelings. It speaks to a shared awareness that something really big is going on. Even if you think it’s a fine thing to do.”

He didn’t suggest that everyone needs to stop eating meat immediately, but rather people learn about food and make healthier decisions for their families. He and his family made a decision to be vegetarian, but he knows that not everyone would choose this path. He says:

”Do I think there is any chance in the world that half of Americans will be vegetarians in 10 years? I would say there is virtually no chance in the world of that. Do I think there is any chance that half of the meals eaten in America will be vegetarian in 10 years? I think there is a good chance of that.

Rather than suggesting that everyone needs to give up meat entirely, he suggests perhaps giving up some meat, or most of the meat in order to alleviate the environmental and health issues associated with factory farming of animals. He cites the example of Mark Bittman, food writer for the New York Times magazine and author of How to Cook Everything, who eats vegetarian until 5pm everyday. So, what about giving up meat for Meatless Mondays? Or maybe just for the weekend. Even these small changes would make a huge impact. There are small choices you can make that can make a profound impact on our health and environment, without rushing into the all-or-nothing approach.

Do check out Jonathan Safran Foer’s books– especially if you have any interest in food issue and/or environmental issues. But check out this article from the Sydney Morning Herald too.

Check out the full interview here on SMH: Interview: Jonathan Safran Foer.

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