poop transplants for healing digestive infections. yes, really.

This article from Mother Jones is so fascinating- if a little bit high in the ick factor. Yes, fecal transplantation means just what it sounds like… transplanting someone’s excrement into some other persons gastrointestinal system. The main goal is to share microbes and bacteria that flourish within a healthy gut. A poop transfusion can help recipients rebalance their gut flora in the presence of a strain of bacteria called Clostridium difficile. This type of therapy has a success rate of 90%, and is just beginning to be used for other gut infections as well.

Increasingly, research is demonstrating that a healthy ‘microbiome-‘ the correct balance of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, and fungi from our gut- can help with all aspects of our wellness. Easy ways to improve your gut flora include yogurts, fermented foods, and probiotic supplements- no poop transplant required.

Poop Therapy: More Than You Probably Wanted to Know About Fecal Transplants | Mother Jones.

And here a more recent article that popped up after this post was already written:

Mom Saves Toddler’s Life with Fecal Transplant.


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