can water change what we eat?

A study from the journal Appetite shows promise for our picky palettes that crave only unhealthy foods, finding that what you DRINK might effect what you (or your kids) EAT. T. Bettina Cornwell of the University of Oregon studied eating habits of young adults and children, and she found that when drinking soda the young adults preferred salty, calorie-dense food over vegetables. She also found that the young children ate more vegetables when they were served water instead of sweetened beverages.

The researchers also found that these preferences were created early in life and can create a lifetime of unhealthy patterns. However these habits and preferences can be changed. By serving water with meals, your palette will adjust to flavors, and your body will respond by enjoying more wholesome foods. At an early age children will associate sweet beverages with salty and fatty foods, and so, as Dr. Corwell says, “If the drink on the table sets the odds against both adults and children eating their vegetables, then perhaps it is time to change that drink, and replace it with water.”

Find the original press release here and read more here on One Green Planet.

What drinks are on your table at mealtimes? Do you drink at all with meals and have you noticed a change in food if you change your beverage? Let us know in the comments!

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