best thanksgiving recipes to share!

To many, the holiday season is a blessing: a time to share the bounty of food and delight in the company of family and friends. To many others, it’s a stressful time of the year with dinner parties to plan, relatives to entertain, and shopping to be conquered. Though Vibrant Wellness Journal can’t help with your relatives or your shopping, we would like to help you with some awesome recipes for your holiday feasts, Thanksgiving or others. All next week we will be sharing some of our favorite pot-luck dishes, decadent desserts, and vegan staples that will please all the people at your table. Enjoy the season, and share the blessings of good food. Happy holidays!

Here is the schedule:

Monday: awesome vegan & vegetarian main dishes for your feasting table
Tuesday: fantastic Autumn soups for every meal
Wednesday: delicious vegan & vegetarian desserts that will impress everyone
Thursday: VWJ is celebrating Thanksgiving Hawaii-style, with a group potluck. Updates about recipes and festivities to follow!
Friday: It’s Black Friday. We’ll be at home cooking and eating the leftovers.


Please join us for this week of festivities… and let us know if you have recipe questions, need ingredient help, or just want to share what’s happening for YOUR holiday(s)!

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