sharing a passion for farm-to-table eating in North Carolina

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Many foodies are interested in the idea of farm-to-table eating, and increasingly the general public is catching on to this delicious and healthy way of life. Farm-t0-table might seem a complicated way of eating in our world of fast food and global agriculture, but at its core is simple, wholesome nourishment that benefits the local environment, economy, and one’s own health.

Chef Andrea Reusing is passionate about the farm-to-table connection, and has written a new cookbook entitled Cooking in the Moment order to share her passion with home cooks. She says, “I hope that [the book can be useful], help get dinner on the table quickly, and also demonstrate that food doesn’t have to be complicated to taste really good.” She encourages her readers to enjoy the ‘ultimate shortcut’ to cooking, which is using the freshest and most local foods available for the best tasting meals.

Even more important than just being tasty, Chef Reusing supports putting money and time into local food systems as the only way to fix our damaged food system. She notes that in North Carolina, where she cooks at her award-winning restaurant Lantern, only a small percentage of the food eaten in the state is actually grown there. This is reason for all communities, whether located inland or on an island, to address localized food production and ensure that food security is a priority. Check out the full article here on Organic Connections: Chef Andrea Reusing: Farm-to-Table Passion.

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