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bird of paradise, in paradise!

It’s no secret that many of us try to get into better shape as part of our New Year’s resolutions. My resolution is to do more yoga… and I bet that many of you have made the same resolution! To help you out we’ll be sharing some of our favorite new poses throughout the month to help keep you inspired!

bird of paradise, in paradise! This is not me- yet!

During 12 years of yoga practice, it happens that my practice ebbs and flows. Some months are filled with surfing, some months are busy with work, but other times I am really able to find my flow at home or in the yoga studio. It’s been a busy few months here over at VWJ- and my other site Green Living Ideas, and yoga has taken a backseat. During these busy times I try to fit in at least a short practice every few days- but often it doesn’t happen. But today- FINALLY– I made it to my favorite local studio, Open Space Yoga in Honolulu. It was a lovely class, featuring a fine mixture of balance, vinyasa, simple relaxation, and good stretching. Aaaaaaaahhhhh.

And I learned a super fun new post called Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvidasana), which inspired me to write this post. It’s a beautiful, bounded balance pose, so it’s pretty advanced- but it’s not nearly as hard as it looks. Have a friend or partner help you if you don’t think you can make that lift- but I bet once you are there you will feel the joy of flight and balance. Check out the photos below for an easy transition- and enjoy the balance!


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