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For those of you interested in healthy eating and good food choices, there are few better spots than Fooducate to learn about the wide world of food. This has long been a favorite source of food news for this blogger girl- Fooducate covers everything from quality granola bars to fast foods and energy drinks and so.much.more.

Consumers are awash in health claims, commercials, and nutritional information, all created to sway them in the direction of processed and packaged foods- and it’s easy to get lost amidst the chaos. But Fooducate posts daily about new products to keep us all informed, and everyday you can learn about how to make the best choices for your family. This great website delves into food manufacturing, production, and sales with sharp eyes towards the health-washing of the big companies- calling out those that make false claims or promote bogus products.

For those of you with a smart phone (everyone but me!), you an also download the Fooducate application that helps you grade foods while at the store. Foods are graded (A+ through D) on their general healthfulness. This is a great way to learn to make healthier choices every time you shop!

Are you a Fooducate user? How do you make healthy decisions in the grocery store?

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