What are the World’s Healthiest Foods?

There are so many healthy foods on the planet, and we like to celebrate the best of these foods everyday. This article from the Huffington Post shares some of the world’s healthiest foods- fifty of them to be exact. Their expert panel includes nutritionists, epidemiologists, the American Heart Association, a James Beard-award winning chef, the nutrition expert from the ‘Today’ show, and the Huffington Post Wellness Editor. It’s quite a crowd- and their expertise has generated an interesting list.

To help you find your healthiest meals, we’ve embedded recipes for the individual foods when possible- so when you are thinking of how healthy the food is you can easily find a recipe for cooking with it! Be sure to check out their link here to see a slideshow and learn more information about these truly super foods Healthy Food: 50 Of The Best In The World.

  1. almonds
  2. apples
  3. artichokes
  4. avocados
  5. beets
  6. beans
  7. bell peppers
  8. blackberries and raspberries
  9. black tea
  10. blueberries
  11. broccoli
  12. brown rice
  13. Brussels sprouts
  14. cherries
  15. chia seeds
  16. coffee
  17. cranberries
  18. chocolate (darker the better)
  19. edamame (young soybeans)
  20. eggs
  21. flaxseeds
  22. ginger
  23. greek yogurt
  24. green tea (really, it’s the same plant as black tea)
  25. kale
  26. kefir
  27. lentils
  28. oatmeal
  29. olive oil
  30. oranges
  31. pistachios
  32. pomegranate
  33. potatoes
  34. quinoa
  35. red wine
  36. salmon
  37. sardines
  38. seaweed
  39. shiitake
  40. skim milk
  41. spinach
  42. strawberries
  43. sunflower sprouts
  44. sweet potatoes
  45. tomatoes
  46. turmeric
  47. tuna
  48. walnuts
  49. WATER!
  50. white tea

How many of these foods can you incorporate into you meals today?

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