Soy Much Inspiration: Our 20 Best Tofu Recipes

vegan frittata
super yum, for any meal of the day.

We love our bean curd here at Vibrant Wellness Journal!

a classic meal for me!
a classic meal for me: Korean BBQ Tofu with grains and greens!

Tofu is a versatile and delicious soy food that can make your vegetarian meals grounding, filling and delicious… if you do it right! Tofu has a bad reputation because it is often cooked improperly. But we’re happy to fix that bad image with our 20 best tofu recipes. Yep, twenty!

Why would you eat tofu? Well, not only is well-made tofu an important staple of vegetarian and vegan cooking, it’s also good source of vegan protein and an excellent source of iron. Always choose an organic tofu (no one wants GMOs, right?), and we recommend you sample the many varieties available from your natural foods store. Most brands offer soft, firm and extra-firm tofu, but the texture (firmness) varies between brands. Try a variety and find which ones you like, and which ones work best for your favorite recipes. Also, note that with few exceptions, these recipes use extra-firm water packed tofu, not the silken variety found in boxes (but that kind is used in the fritatta and in vegan mousses).

 marinated tofu for you and me!
marinated tofu for you and me!

But what’s your favorite tofu recipe? Which recipes are absent from the list? Submit your suggestions in the comments below and we’ll add you to our post! Better yet, you can add your recipe onto Eat. Drink… Better’s reader recipe section. Hooray for tofu– enjoy the recipes!

Marinated Tofu
Best Baked Tofu
Broccoli Fritatta
Coconut Tofu
‘Chicken’ Salad
Almond-Glazed Tofu
Tofu Feta (use in these amazing Vegan Spanakopita)
Sheppard’s Pie with Tofu
Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie
Vegan Sausage & Tofu Scramble
Spicy Korean Tofu
Manacotti with Vegan Pesto Cashew Cheeze
Tofu Pot Pie (perfect Autumn dinner!)
Lemongrass Tofu
Indian-spiced Tofu Tacos!
Noochy Tofu Sandwiches
No-Chicken Noodle Soup
Spinach & Mushroom Strata
Vegan ‘Chicken’ Nuggets
Masaman Crock-Pot Curry

lucky we live hawaii; this sandwich was enjoyed outside!
noochy tofu sandwich
Two vegan Tofu Pot Pie, spelt and wheat crusts!
Two vegan Tofu Pot Pie, spelt and wheat crusts, from Thanksgiving!

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