Kitchen Notes The 20 Best Bean Recipes

Published on June 11th, 2013 | by Andrea Bertoli


The 20 Best Bean Recipes!

We’re all about inspiring YOU to make more delicious plant-based foods at home– and beans are a huge component of that!

The  20 Best  Bean  Recipes

We recently shared our 20 best recipes for tofu to get you cooking, and we’re back with more lists. This time we are happy to share our 20 best bean recipes, including wraps, stews, chili, dips and salads!

vegetable, creamy goodness

lentils, vegetables, and tahini sauce for creamy goodness

Adding beans into your diet is super important for so many reasons: beans (including lentils and peas) are loaded with healing fiber, contains heaps of vitamins and minerals and are loaded with amazing amounts of vegan protein. They can even keep you happy!

the olives and lemon are important, so don't skimp on those!

White Bean Stew

Here are the best bean recipes from all the legume lovers of the Important Media Network!

Maple Baked Beans
Edamame Soup
Gluten-Free Black Bean Burgers
Persian New Year’s Soup (featuring lentils, fava, chickpeas, and kidney beans!)
White Bean Stew
Coconut Miso Chickpeas with Kale
Black Bean & Papaya Salsa
Smokey Black Bean Stew
Coconut Black Beans
Lemon Miso Lentil Soup
Homemade ‘Chicken’ Nuggets (with chickpeas)
Socca (chickpea flour flatbread)
Mango Black Bean Salad (coming soon!)
Southwest Baked Beans
Vegan Tacos! (coming soon!)
Lentil Wraps
Black Bean Chili with Onions
Chili Bean Burgers
Kale Soup with White Beans
Lentil Loaf

And, a simple How-To: Beans and Rice in a slow cooker!

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