Product Review: Chuice Juice, the Chewy Juice

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I first tried Chuice at a local event and just the little sampling inspired me to find the closest location to get my hands on some more Chuice! Chuice is a new entrant to the local health food market in Atlanta, and the company is quickly attracting a loyal following. The makers of Chuice swear by their magic blend of chewy juice. Chuice has pieces of ingredients in the drink so it isn’t completely liquid, and chewing bits of nuts and fruit as you are drinking them offers a different, more wholesome experience than a plain fruit juice mix. The drink comes in two blends – red (River of Life) and green (Forest Green) and they are both equally delicious, though they are very distinct flavors.

how chewy is your juice?

Chuice was created by Taste of Earth, LLC founder Ladell Hill. A molecular health specialist with vast experience as an athlete and personal trainer, Ladell brought together many worlds to produce Chuice. He noticed that his client’s diets were lacking in fresh, natural foods. So, inspired by the teachings of his grandfather, who trained him in the simple genius of eating naturally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds, an idea was born and Ladell began his journey to formulate Chuice. He wanted to create something new that began with chewing, because this is our body’s natural way of starting digestion. Chewing releases enzymes that help our bodies’ function properly. Without proper enzyme activity, our bodies don’t work as well and we become prone to premature aging. Ladell also wanted to create an excellent natural source for the nutrients that were essential for a healthy diet.

Ladell’s work led to the unique formulation of Chuice. As their slogan says, Chuice is ‘made fresh every day in Mother Nature’s kitchen,’ they hope to re-ignite interest in natural foods by offering a product that is tasty, convenient, and truly good for you. This delicious blend features over 45 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds and this ‘chewable juice’ is truly one of a kind. Chuice has a comprehensive nutrition profile, containing all the elements of a healthy diet: complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, protein, minerals and fiber. It is all natural, fresh, unprocessed and unpasteurized. The list of ingredients is impressive:

Mint Spinach Oranges Cilantro
Rosemary Aloe Vera Limes Hemp Seeds
Carrots Pumpkin Seeds Pears Celery
Sesame Seeds Sweet Potatoes Cayenne Pepper Almonds
Walnuts Chia Seeds Kale Basil
Apples Kiwi Brussel Sprouts Cinnamon
Flax Seeds Sunflower Seeds Pecans Ginger Root
Greens Blend Water Pineapples Honey

You can learn more about their company on their website, follow their blog and visit them on Facebook for latest updates and new retail store locations (only in the southeast United States, thus far!). I appreciate the constant posts about where they are delivering everyday so you can get a super fresh batch of Chuice for the week. The mission of the company is to make high quality nutrition popular and accessable. With processed and chemically treated foods taking over our the food industry in the last few years, Chuice is aimed at starting a nutritional awareness campaign and a grass roots movement right here in Atlanta.


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  1. I believe in this concept and the list of ingredients is truly impressive. Thanks for the article, will watchout for it stores. 8oz serving will work as a good mid meal snack. This article should appear under blogs section of

  2. Yes, Savi Urban Market (Inman Park) carries Chuice!…and they’ve been having Chuice demos at Savi Brookhaven as well as the NEW Savi Urban Market in Buckhead at the Tuxedo Festival Shopping center Roswell Rd/Weiuca…which means they’ll be carrying it soon!

  3. I love this product
    This got to be the best food in the bottle I ever had ..I been drinking for a month and I feel like a knew man

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