Product Review: Gluten-Free Lipstick & Gloss from Red Apple

I will admit, I am not usually into too much makeup; I wear some eyeliner and mascara and call it good. But, Red Apple has convinced me to add lipstick into my daily routine. They generously shared two whole lipsticks with me (Paris and Strawberry Lips) along with a lip pencil (Roseberry), a tube of minty lipgloss, and two samples. I’ve been wearing these vibrantly colored lipsticks almost everyday, and have been genuinely surprised with the compliments! Most people don’t notice the lipstick itself, but offer compliments about how I generally look prettier, healthier, or different.
Did you know that ingredients in your makeup could be making you sick? Not just the chemicals and other ingredients to avoid, but there might be gluten ingredients in your makeup. Not such a big deal for some, but for the millions of people living with gluten allergies, this is a BIG deal! Lucky for us, Red Apple Lipstick has created a line of makeup that is mineral-based and full of healthy ingredients to keep you looking pretty and feeling good.
strawberry lips!
strawberry lips!
But why is gluten-free lipstick important? Sometimes even a tiny amount of gluten can cause reactions in sensitive individuals, and as more people are learning that they are sensitive to gluten, it’s important to know all sources of potential contamination. When gluten is in lipstick, you absolutely ingest it, which is dangerous for many people.
In addition to being certified gluten-free, Red Apple Lipsticks are paraben-free, soy-free, dairy-free and allergen free. The lipsticks are also vegan, natural and cruelty free. Their ingredients are all listed on their website and on their packages, so you can be sure that what you are getting is good and clean. Each Red Apple Lipstick product is hand-crafted in the USA from the finest, highest quality materials available But best of all, this is quality stuff. For a whole day of eating and drinking while at work, I only put on the lipstick twice– it lasts all day. And the color was still there after an after-work surf session too! The colors can be used lightly for a hint of color, or applied more heavily for a stronger color. Either way, the color lasts hours and keeps you lips soft without being gooey or sticky like some other lipsticks.
Red Apple also makes a line of eyeshadows to keep the rest of your face pretty too. Currently they have some great discounts if you buy two or more, or four or more… or even the entire lipstick collection!
the entire collection!
the entire Red Apple Lipstick collection!

They also have an awesome lipstick trade-in program where you can send in used lipsticks and then receive a discount on safe Red Apple products! As noted on their site, Red Apple Lipstick “wants you to have safe makeup and [we] know that once you try it, you’ll be hooked.” Click here for more information about the lipstick exchange.

Vibrant Wellness Journal would like to thank Red Apple lipstick for sharing review samples.

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  1. I didn’t wear much makeup for a long time too! I have extremely sensitive skin (rosacea) and was so happy when I tried my first Red Apple Lipstick lipstick (Red!).

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