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We know that yoga is good for our bodies, but meditation can also be an important component of our health and wellness. There are many types of meditation, and whether guided or solo, silent or chanting, meditation has proved to have amazing benefits for our mind and body. Did you know that chanting actually restructures your brain chemistry for good, increases your immune function, helps manage stress hormones AND enhances your mood?


And what would happen if we could all experience this transformation together– as a collective consciousness? As Saagara says on their site, “Rather than just becoming aware of the connectedness of one’s own mind and body, one can become aware of the connectedness of mankind and nature as a whole. Group meditation has been shown to yield remarkable effects on one-one-one relationships, communities, and our relationship with our environment.”

Saagara, a digital health company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan (holla for the hometown!), is working to create See & Do Together – a platform through which people can meditate in unison with any number of users around the world. See & Do Together aims to enhance the power of group meditation through the use of technology. These groups would no longer be limited to a person’s physical presence. Saagara is hosting an Indiegogo campaign this month to help bring their vision for See & Do Together to life. meditatetri

Saagara wants to make sure that everyone can benefit from joining their campaign:

  • Absolute beginners at meditation can start with the guided meditation courses that will be included in the Universal Meditation app.
  • Novice meditators can start by joining meditation sessions.
  • Advanced meditators can jump in and create their own meditation sessions or join others’ sessions.
  • Teachers of meditation can create private meditation sessions and invite all of their students.
  • Organizations can create large public meditation sessions where they aim to get thousands, if not millions to join. Use See & Do Together as a teaching tool for members of your organization and get many licenses.

Does this interest you? Please check out their Indiegogo campaign, running for one more week!


Saagara, whose founders have an eclectic background in medicine, design, engineering, yoga and meditation, works to bring health and wellness by combining technology, community, and raised awareness. Through the development of mobile applications they hope to reach the global population and provide the resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read more about this awesome company and their dozens of cool apps here.

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