GMO Foods and Concerns for Health, the Environment and Economy

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I don’t know if much more needs to be said, but in order to maintain a little objectivity, according to the International Journal of Biological Sciences, the side effects of GMO consumption may be sex- and dose-dependent, which may make it difficult to make generalized statements concerning the toxic effects of all GM foods and predict the potential impact they may have upon health. Basically, the effect that GMOs will have upon our health depends on us and how much we consume.

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Environment and Economy

Concerning the environment, many believe that the production of GMOs can do more ecological damage than the simplification of the extremely complex plant kingdom mentioned above. According to Food: How Altered?, published in National Geographic Magazine, what might be of greater concern are the effects that GMOs have upon non-target organisms, the creatures that may feed upon them. GMOs have not only been found to be lethal to livestock consumed in many studies. GMOs are also linked with superbugs (which infect humans) and are immune to conventional methods of population control;. GMOs are also linked to superweeds (which infect fields) and are increasingly resistant to herbicides.

Finally, because genetically modified organisms fall under patent protection, biotech companies have the right to restrict their use and can even go as far as suing farmers whose fields have been inadvertently contaminated with GMOs. This “GMO drift”, which some speculate to be the source of the mystery GMO wheat found on an Oregon farm not too long ago, threatens farmer sovereignty and the food security of the countries in which they are grown. There is also the obvious displacement of small, local producers who are unable to support their farms and families when large multinationals take over the food supply. And finally, The Inspired Economist shares the economic argument against GMOs (hint: they are not going to save the world). and Industry Propaganda

Is the evidence against GMO consumption conclusive? No. Would I recommend eating them? Absolutely not., the latest marketing ploy funded by the likes of BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont, Monsanto and Syngenta, is simply an attempt to stymie public dissent over the damage that their products are causing to our collective health, environment and economy.

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