How to Use Maca: Blueberry Maca Smoothie

Everyone is so excited about Green Smoothies! Even though I live in the tropics where it’s always smoothie weather, I am just learning to be excited about green smoothies. This morning seemed a perfect time to begin a new little tradition, which I’ve named Smoothie Sunday. Most weekdays I can’t be bothered with extra dishes, but today is a good little nesting day at home, and I decided to go for it!

For those of you not yet on the Green Smoothie kick, here’s the basics: choose a liquid, choose a fruit, and choose a green. Blend and enjoy! It’s pretty simple, but the results are pretty great. Not only do you get a good serving or two of fruits, you can ‘sneak’ in some of your daily greens.

{Not sure why you should be eating your greens? Read my post on GreenUPGRADER about why you should add greens to your life today!}

This smoothie recipe is actually inspired by my coworker, though I made a few tweaks. I added some chia seeds for protein, moringa powder for vitamins, and chlorella for everything. It was a dark, creamy concoction that was delicious with my cool glass straw. I also tossed on some No-Bake Granola to make it a more substantial snack! Maca is a great energy boosting supplement, and I love using it in smoothies and elsewhere. If you’ve wondered how to use maca, this is it!

Click here to read the full recipe for the Blueberry Maca Smoothie!

blueberry maca smoothie

Happy Smoothie Sunday! What did you drink today?

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