Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Have you heard of the standing desk trend? It might be a fad or a new trend but standing desks are here and now! I recently saw them at the doctor’s office and thought it was so cool, especially since this one had wheels on it so the assistant could drag the laptop along to the filing cabinet and check on some information for me.

who wouldn’t like this work station?!

Now I work from home and that means being seated at my desk while I got stuff accomplished. I am a writer and so all I did was sit on my derriere and type away to glory. If I got really involved with an article then I could sit for hours straight just typing away! And then I’d get up and hear the clicks and the snaps as my body realized it was being made to stand upright after having been crouched over a screen and keyboard for hours on end. And this is because our bodies are not meant to sit for so long; more and more studies are showing that sitting all day is in fact one of our least healthy habits as humans! Even if we head to the gym or go running after work, sitting all day has proven to be linked to ill health.

Sometimes I’d set an alarm for an hour or so and would do stretches or a different activity for a few minutes until I got back to sitting again. But this standing desk is a great idea. And the best part? Mine is at the breakfast counter! Call it luck, but the breakfast bar is a nice elevated spot to set your laptop at and work for some time standing. I am already seeing the benefits!

For one, I am standing as I work so having to get up to go get something is a non-issue. I am already on my feet and just have to walk over to wherever. I don’t feel lazy any more to go find that folder with a client’s agreement terms! I also seem to be getting things accomplished faster – I can’t stand for too long without getting tired and wanting to rest so I try to finish each task on my list and then reward myself with a break sitting down to read or watch a quick video. I certainly do not hear any clicks and snaps anymore. I also have better posture standing than sitting and my hands are level on the counter top so the hunchback position is no longer resorted to.

Now the scientific benefits are many and of course, furniture stores have quickly taken the idea and run with it, introducing all models of standing desks that are the best for you. But, as is always the case, necessity is the mother of invention. Create your own version of the standing desk. Whether at home or at work, add a few level books or boxes and use a temporary standing desk for a few minutes. Desks with wheels and different adjusted levels are all the rage on the corporate side. If you think that works well for your job scenario then by all means get a standing desk now.

Another advantage on this is it makes sharing easier, both with humans and machines. A standing desk with wheels means you could easily walk into a meeting or your colleagues’ cubicle with all your information. You could also pull along your desk to a projector or copy machine and plug in your laptop to any other device. Remember also that most standing desks are light and not very large so the space on it is limited. This means you will always have a clean workspace (aha moment 1!) and you will have to move away from to eat (aha moment 2!) doing away with the grand cubicle nation tradition of eating at your desk. Need I say more?

It boils down to this – you can’t get tired of sitting so you sit for longer periods of time and have no inclination to move but you cannot stand for too long without resting and so you will have to move either to sit or to get somewhere else. Just that practical rationale is enough to have me be ‘up’standing at work. Have you tried?

Standing desk image from here.

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