Should you Give in to your Food Cravings?

Do you feel stressed out by food or food cravings? Are you getting the most from your diet and exercise– or are old patterns and guilt hindering your progress? Do you give yourself permission to enjoy food, life and relationships? 

Many of us have a complicated relationship with food. Whether we struggle with food cravings, overeating, under-nourishment or a type of disordered eating, we might all benefit from learning more about food psychology. This  interesting discussion caught my eye a few days ago in my Facebook feed. In the video, Red Tent Sister Amy talks with Michele Leath about creating healthy relationships with food, nourishment and pleasure.

shutterstock_83241655Specifically, Michele and Amy talk about how tuning into our body (for fertility and for nourishment) can actually help us feel more nourished and become more healthy. Guilt about eating raises stress levels, which it turn means that foods that we eat might not be assimilated properly. Michele talks about giving yourself permission to enjoy foods like dark chocolate and wine, and Amy shares a funny story about her deep childhood love of Kraft mac & cheese. Read more here: How embracing the “bad” foods we love can lead us to the “good” body we crave: A surprising interview with Food Psychology Coach, Michelle Leath.

Red Tent Sisters is an online Canadian business run by two sisters. They offer natural fertility and sex awareness services that include unique, natural approaches to sex, wellness and contraception. Their work is designed to help women feel empowered and informed about their bodies and their sexuality. Michele Leath is a food psychology coach behind Unlock your Possibility helping women heal their relationship with food.

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