Grateful for Wild Spaces: A Project Gratitude Guest Post

We’re super happy to have a guest post today from our friend Rosalyn. Today she shares her story of project gratitude to inspire us all. Read more from Roslyn on her blog, Rosalyn Writes.

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I currently live in a small town (we’re talking no stoplights here, folks) in rural Wyoming, and some days I find myself yearning for the conveniences of a larger city. I miss going to a yoga studio to practice with a community, or camping out at a good coffee shop to do some reading and writing. I miss sushi and going to the movie theater, and the ocean! I have never lived without it before now.

It is in these moments I take pause and make a list of all I am thankful for, for all that I DO have right here, right now in my life. I started calling these lists ‘Gratitude Soup’ on my blog a couple of years ago. When you’re feeling a little down, just keep adding good things to the pot, and I promise it will quickly have your heart feeling warm and full.

Here are some things I’m currently stirring into my Gratitude Soup out here in the country:

  • Nature. Always high on my list, nothing clears my mind, or makes me feel more alive than spending time outside. I am grateful for an abundance of hiking/snowshoeing  trails in the Medicine Bow National Forest, for beautiful rivers and lakes, mountain ranges, awe inspiring sunsets, and for wildlife like I have never seen.
  • Wide open space. Wyoming is the least populated state in the U.S and the countryside rolls on for miles and miles. I am grateful for the solace and peace all this space offers, for the feeling of being far removed from concrete and skyscrapers and city noise.
  •  Our wood burning stove and local hot pools. So grateful! These two things are going to make Wyoming’s harsh winters much more bearable!
  • A new way of life. I am grateful to be learning about ranching life, and farming methods, and about the rich history of the Great American West.
  • Lack of balance. That sounds funny but I work an insane amount of hours for six months of the year. I am grateful for what this taught me in the last year about what I need in my life to thrive and feel healthy.
  • Cooking at home. I am grateful for the lack of options we have for eating out in our town. It has allowed me to spend more time creating and experimenting with food and cooking with my man!
  • My home yoga practice. Without a having a studio to go to, I have to dig in a little deeper and maintain the motivation to practice on my own. I am grateful for the challenge and chance to grow my practice in a new way.
  • For big cups of tea, dark chocolate and a good book. Just cuz!
  • My new rescue puppy Penny! I am grateful for all the joy, laughter, cuteness and new sense of responsibility she has brought to my life.
  • My family. Always grateful for my loving, hilarious family who forever support my wandering soul, lift me up and keep me grounded.
  • My amazing flannel wearing, wood chopping, intelligent, loving, hunky man of a  boyfriend Michael, whom I never would have met if I didn’t move to this small town. I am grateful for all the beautiful love, fun and adventures he has brought to my life.

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